Weekly and Monthly Commercial Cleaning: A Checklist

The customization of your office’s cleaning list can help prioritize the cleaning of your office based on its location, chiefly because no two given offices are identical. For example, a large office might require more frequency in cleaning exercises than those that are smaller.

Commercial Cleaning Checklist

choosing a commercial cleaning service, the person in charge of the office maintenance can take help of the cleaning lists to prioritize tasks for cleaning. The lists also serve as guides in shopping for the best service options and prices.

Checklist for Weekly Office Cleaning

The weekly cleaning tasks of an office include the pantry’s cleaning and disinfection, as well as for the blinds, curtains and the carpet, etc.

The cleaning of your pantry’s kitchen room helps in its deep cleaning and organization and also involves the cleaning of the microwave and the refrigerator. The fabric chairs, as well as the couch in your office also need weekly cleaning. The vacuum cleaning of the carpets, both in the conference room or the reception area should be a weekly routine as well. The blinds and curtains, likewise, should also be vacuumed weekly, especially if the office is located close to the main road.

Checklist for Monthly Office Cleaning

The monthly cleaning tasks should include cleaning of the glass windows chiefly as they enhance your office’s aesthetic appeal. You should also polish the hardwood surfaces, polish the wooden furniture, dust the ceiling, declutter and organize wardrobes and drawers, dust the furniture, clean the fans and switchboards, and also vacuum the vents.


It’s important to choose a professional cleaning service for your office that satisfies all of your office needs. If you are looking for the best cleaning service in the Irvine area, choose Janex Cleaning Services by giving us a buzz today!

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