Upholstery Cleaning: Is Your Office Furniture Calling for Help?

Signs that your Office Furniture Needs Cleaning

Day in and day out, office furniture goes through a lot of abuse. Whether there is a couch in your foyer that needs to be cleaned or a coffee stain on your office chair that looks ugly, most people think that it is a better idea to replace furniture rather than to get it cleaned. Getting professional upholstery cleaners is a cost effective solution if you have old, but functional office furniture that just requires a good cleaning to eliminate dust and debris, allergens, stains, and other substances.

Office Furniture Cleaning

How to Tell When It is Time to Clean Your Office Furniture

There are little signs that let you know when you need to get your office furniture cleaned, including:

  • If your upholstered furniture looks dull and dirty, it is a sure sign that it is time to get it cleaned.
  • If there are stains, even light ones, you obviously need to get your office furniture to the cleaners.
  • Surfaces that are dirty and dusty need to be cleaned thoroughly by professionals.
  • If tables and desk surfaces look faded or don’t shine, you should get them cleaned immediately.

Keep Your Office Furniture Looking Good Longer

Hiring professional upholstery cleaners can extend the life of your office furniture and make sure that it looks its best for a longer period. You also protect your investment and enhance its value. Cleaning your furniture gives you better value than replacing it and can ensure that your office furniture looks great for many years.

Janex Cleaning Services
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  • Troy Blackburn
    Troy Blackburn

    That’s interesting what you mention how if there’s stains, even light ones, you need to get your furniture cleaned. I’ve heard that the longer a stain sits in piece of furniture, the harder it is to remove it. I’ll have to look out for any of these signs to see if I need any of my upholstery cleaned!

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