Why Summer Is the Best Time for School Cleaning

Summer is the ideal time to clean schools and seasonal day care centers. While it is important to clean schools throughout the year, a good thorough cleaning is better accomplished once the kids have left for the summer. Providing a good school cleaning is beneficial for the health of the returning students.

Summer Is the Best Time for School Cleaning

Furniture Can Be Moved or Stored
Waiting until summer to clean and sanitize a school makes it possible to remove most of the furniture from the rooms. This gives cleaners the space to work and allows floors to be deeply cleaned without having to constantly move furniture from place to place. Removing the furniture serves two purposes. Not only does it allow the floors and other surfaces to be thoroughly cleaned, it also allows each piece of furniture to be cleaned and sanitized.

Allows Time for Carpets and Surfaces to Dry
A deep school cleaning normally means shampooing when it comes to carpets and drapes. Cleaning schools during the summer months allows for longer drying times without the fear of students tracking dirt or debris across freshly cleaned carpets. Walking on or setting furniture on wet carpets can leave imprints that are hard to remove.

Less Risk of Children Being Exposed to Harsh Cleaning Chemicals
Because of the number of germs that are often found in schools, harsh cleaning chemicals may be used to sanitize the environment. Children may be sensitive to many of the cleaning chemicals used by commercial cleaning companies. Cleaning during the summer months means that the chemicals and their residue will be gone before the students return in the fall.

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