Preventing Workplace Flu: How to Fight Germs in the Restrooms

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Flu season is at its peak in late January or early February. Companies must hire a professional cleaning service and focus on facility-wide professional cleaning strategies that thoroughly disinfect, and not just surface clean. While paying special attention to key areas like break rooms (where food is consumed), sinks, and restrooms.

Here are a few steps that you can take at and around your workplace’s restrooms to keep you and your coworkers healthy this flu season:

  • Schedule Deep Cleanings

    It’s best to schedule a deep clean for your entire facility by a professional cleaning service as a preventative measure. When going for a deep clean, your cleaning service provider should scrub restroom floors, walls and partitions with both disinfectant and sanitizer. While deep cleanings should be done at least once per year, timing them with the beginning and end of the flu season will increase the effectiveness of your flu prevention measures.

  • Promote Cleanliness by Using Additional Hand Sanitizers

    It is important to install extra hand sanitizers in high-traffic areas such as restrooms, conference rooms, the copy room, and the kitchen. Freestanding hand sanitizer dispensers should be available near the office entrance, as well as near employee workstations. This strategic placement of hand sanitizers will remind the employees to wash and sanitize their hands frequently throughout the day. You can also purchase signage that reminds the employees to thoroughly wash their hands, in order to promote a cleaner restroom experience.

  • Remove all Possible Touch Points from the Restrooms

    Yes, you got that right! Going hands free wherever possible will reduce the spread of germs. Consider installing hands-free appliances such as automatic sinks and toilets, automatic soap and paper towel dispensers, and airflow hand dryers in restrooms. Also, encourage employees not to shake hands with other employees and visitors as germs are more likely to spread, and ask them to wash their hands multiple times to minimize the flu outbreak.

  • Cross-Contamination Surface Cleanings

    Apart from these suggestions, your focus should be on cleaning all surfaces where cross-contamination is possible. If you sense an outbreak, everything from the doorknobs to the restroom partitions should be sprayed with a disinfectant, or protected with an antimicrobial surface coating that should stay throughout the day. You can also use hospital-grade disinfectants that kill all of the bacteria and germs instantly, as they are even effective after 24 to 48 hours.

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