Pokémon Go and the Germs in Your Office: What Are the Similarities?

Pokémon Go is ruling the gaming domain. This game has become a rage amongst gamers. It is very common to see people playing this game on their mobile phone. The rapid growth in the popularity of this game is faster than germs spreading in an office building. This rage makes us think about the similarities between Pokémon Go and the germs.

Know The Similarities between Pokémon Go and the Germs in Your Office

Some of these similarities are:

  1. Both of them are all around us but invisible to our eyes. You need some special help to see them. Pokémon can be seen through the Pokémon Go app on your mobile phone. To see germs, you need a microscope. It is quite difficult to locate their hideouts.
  2. Both of them are harmful to your health. Too much addiction of Pokemon Go may result in road accidents if you are busy with the game while driving. Germs, on the other hand, make you prone to certain diseases that make you sick and stop you from going to the office. Apart from this you have to deal with medical expenses.
  3. Both of them reside in certain hotspots, which are mostly public places where you come in contact with them. Some of these hotspots or the public places could be doorknobs, shopping cart handles or places like restaurants where you might get contaminated food or share your space with people who are infected by these germs. In the Pokémon Go world, you get free items like pokeballs and potions at poke stops which are commonly found in public places such as parks or any landmarks.
  4. Both can be found in gyms. Pokémon can be found in a gym where they can thrive and there you can train them to fight another Pokémon. As far as germs are concerned, they can be found in certain areas in the gyms such as – push plates, shower floor, entrance door handles, dumbbells, weight benches & bars, mats and cardio and weight training machine’s touching points.
  5. Both can be caught. In the Pokémon Go game, the purpose is to catch them all! There are tips and tricks offered to catch these virtual pocket monsters. A good cleaning service from an experienced cleaning service provider is the only way to eliminate germs.

From the above discussion, it is clear that germs are similar to Pokémon Go. It is recommended to take the help of professional office cleaners from time-to-time to avoid diseases and business losses.

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