How Often Offices Should Go for Window Cleaning?

One of the most common questions that professional window cleaners get asked is “how often should office windows be cleaned”? The answer is that it depends on a number of factors, including what type of business you run. Every part of your office needs to look clean to make a good impression on clients and prospects.

Window Cleaning

There are no rules about how often you should clean your office windows. There are a number of things that influence how often you need to call professional window cleaners, including:

  • Weather – The rain plays a role in how many times your windows need to get cleaned. If it rains often, you may need to call the professionals to get rid of mineral deposits that are left behind by the rain water.
  • Location – If your office is located in a high traffic area or close to the highway, the windows will get dirty much faster than those that are located in areas where there is only moderate traffic. This means that you need to call professional cleaners more often.
  • Landscaping – If there are mulched areas up against your office building, trees with dripping sap or is alongside a parking lot, the debris in the air will lead you to require window cleaning services more frequently.

You should clean your entire office building about twice a year. However, you should get the lobby cleaned every month or every other month as it is an important area that makes a lasting impression on visitors.

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