This New Year Start Fresh With Commercial Cleaning Services


People make grand plans and some great resolutions during New Year. We want to start our lives afresh as the New Year begins. It’s a great time to start something refreshing which can impact our surroundings. So why not make cleaning a resolution for the New Year. A majority of us spend a considerable amount of time in office. If the office floor is clean, it will really make the workplace more productive and conducive.

A visitor first notices the floor of the office or any other commercial space. Cleaning of commercial floor is very important in terms of visuals and floor maintenance. It increases the life time of your floor besides making it look pleasing.

A commercial floor can be furnished with different flooring materials such as hardwood, carpeting, synthetic tiles, stones etc. Commercial floor cleaning is different from residential cleaning where you do not need lots of equipment and cleaning supplies.

Some basic equipment required for cleaning the commercial floors are:

1. Vacuum Cleaner- It is required to clean many areas, especially for the carpets. You should select a vacuum depending upon the size of the area. A basic vacuum can clean a small area of the carpet but you need advanced vacuum such as canister, wide area vacuums and backpack vacuums as the office spaces are spread in larger areas.

2. Cleaners/Extractors –These are necessary for carpet floors. A lot of dirt goes down in the carpet fibers where a vacuum is not a complete solution. After the vacuuming is done, you need cleaners/extractors along with the right kind of detergents and shampoos for an effective carpet cleaning.

3. Mops/Brooms –The dust mops and brooms are used for keeping the floor clean. These definitely help you prevent the dust and dirt from piling up and creating problems.

4. Floor Machines –It is a great and effective tool if you want to clean the non-carpeted areas. There are different varieties of floor machines available in the market. Most of them can be used for shampooing, grinding, stripping and buffing and many more work. These are best suited for the maintenance of hard wood, tile and other flooring.

This New Year, make sure the right commercial cleaning equipment (depending upon the type of office floor) is used for your office cleaning. And, start off fresh with a refreshing clean ambiance at your workplace. It will spark a new energy among all!

Happy New Year!

Janex Cleaning Services is a leading commercial floor cleaner in Orange County, California. We offer a great cleaning service at an affordable rate. For more information about services, please call us on (714) 202-0213.

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