Healthy and Safe Cleaning Tips to Disinfect Daycare Centers

Keeping the daycare center clean and orderly is critical for the safety, health and well being of both children and their care takers. Thoroughly cleaning and disinfecting surfaces is an important step in reducing the spread of germs and even disease. The surfaces that are most likely to be contaminated are those that are inconstant use, such as toys, food preparation areas, and diaper changing areas.

Healthy And Safe Cleaning Tips To Disinfect Daycare Centers

Healthy And Safe Cleaning Tips To Disinfect Daycare Centers

Surface Cleaning: Regular cleaning with soap and water is the most basic way to remove germs from surfaces in the daycare center. This method will reduce germs on the surface, just as hand washing will get rid of germs in your hands. Getting rid of germs is important for surfaces such as upholstery fabrics, which cannot be treated with disinfectants.

Use Disinfectant: For disinfectant to be effective in cleaning germs, you need to first clean with soap and rinse using clear water. Disinfectants use chemicals that are stronger than soap and water. Disinfection may require soaking the item for a few minutes to give the chemical time to kill all remaining germs.

Homemade Solution to Kill Infectious Agents: Products that meet the Environmental Protection Agency’s standards for hospital grade germicides are used at daycare centers. One such product is a homemade solution of bleach and water. This solution can kill most infectious agents. To avoid releasing toxins, do not mix bleach with anything but tap water. Keep the solution away from sunlight and out of the reach of children.

Clean Off Germs: You can use your dishwater to remove germs from plastic toys and eating utensils.

Regular Wash: You can use your washing machine to wash cloth toys, linens and other fabric pieces.

Remember that different states have different child care regulations about disinfecting solutions, so become familiar with the licensing regulations in your state.

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