Bust the Dust- 6 Things You Forgotten to Clean

Cleaning is a routine chore, be it your home or your office. But usually basic cleaning leaves many corners go unnoticed. However, one fine day, we notice some ants and insects in some corner of our office and realize that our office is not as clean as it looks.

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Dust is everywhere, sometimes at the places we never thought required routine cleaning. In fact, these things or places are the favorite hiding spots for germs and bacteria.

Here is a list of those things that are usually missed to be cleaned at workplaces:

Covers and Blinds: We typically do not notice the layer of dirt on the blinds or cover of the windows but they can cause sneezing and dust allergies. Cleaning these window blinds and covers is not easy. They require professional cleaning services.

Doors and Windows: Glass doors and windows need regular cleaning else a thin layer of dust can leave hand marks and smudge spots on them. It gives a very bad impression to anyone who visits the office.

Door knobs: Usually one would not think of cleaning the door knobs of the office cabins on a regular basis. But to our surprise, door knobs are the most commonly touched spaces in the offices. It holds the germs right from the morning till the end of the day. Still, it goes unnoticed for cleaning and hygiene.

Pantry/Kitchen Space: The pantry or the kitchen area of your office needs a thorough cleaning because the leftover food and garbage in these areas attract a lot of germs. Moreover, ketchup bottles, can openers, containers and even kitchen sponge scan continually harbour germs. You can either replace these things regularly or disinfect them with the help of commercial cleaning services providers.

Cabinet tops:If your office has several cabinets, cleaning them all is a tedious task. But they require regular cleaning else they may become home for bacteria, insects and even spiders. These may ruin your important documents kept inside and more importantly the health of your employees too.

Corners in the restroom: Some corners in the restrooms that get missed out for cleaning are the soap dispenser, the basin tap, the air vents etc. A completely clean restroom can impact your business. So get the help of commercial cleaners as early as possible.

There are many such hidden items in your office which you have forgotten to clean. And you thought your office is spotless! Contact us today to know more about our office cleaning services.

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  • Blocked Drains Warrington
    Blocked Drains Warrington

    As household lady, I am 100 percent agree with you. Almost every household lady has missed these important places during her daily cleaning activities. Unfortunately, I am also one of them, but now, I am committed to keeping clean every corner of my house. I would like to appreciate your writer who chose this informative topic.

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