Best Floor Maintenance Tips

Floor MaintenanceAn impressive floor reflects the outlook of your company. Whenever someone visits your office, the first thing one notices is the floor of your office. If the floor is well maintained, a good first impression about the company is already created. First impressions are very important for the business and you can’t ignore them. Cleaning is essential for floor maintenance.

You can follow these tips to make your floor look impressive:

  1. Prepping Your Office Space: Get all the essential chemicals and other important materials for the job. Put these in your janitorial cart and head towards the cleaning area. If the space requires extensive mopping or cleaning, you will need a board that says “closed for cleaning” to avoid interference. You can also use “wet floor” signs.
  2. Daily Cleaning Process: For an effective cleaning process on a daily basis, these tips could be useful:

• Dispose of any unnecessary paper or debris immediately.
• Dirt and debris should not be removed by hand. Use a backpack    vacuum. It will make your job easy.
• Any stains on furniture, floor, walls and baseboards should be         immediately wiped up.
• Use water-mops for cleaning the floor.
• You can use some environmentally friendly green cleaners.

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3. Weekly Cleaning Process: If you think a weekly cleaning is a better option instead of a daily one, then keep in mind these tips:

• Dusting should take place for each shelf, cabinets, cubicle walls and all surfaces.
• Replace smaller trash cans and garbage bags with high density trash bags of 10-15-gallon capacity.
• Use environmentally friendly green products for cleaning the floor.
• All hard surfaces must be wet-mopped.
• If there are carpets on the floor, vacuum them.

Follow these simple steps for an impressive floor. An impressive floor might present you a wonderful opportunity.

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