Awesome Commercial Window Cleaning Tips: Make Your Office Shine

Window Cleaning

We already know the importance of cleaning when it comes to the maintenance of offices and commercial spaces. We are very well aware of the benefits and various aspects of cleaning. Cleaning and maintaining windows keeps the workplace fresh and vibrant. It is as important to clean the office windows as any other office area. 

A cleaned and well maintained window makes the office exterior look impressive and professional. Those who have tried cleaning the office windows know that it is quite an uphill task to get smears and streaks permanently removed from windows. These are few tips to clean your commercial windows:

  1. Get the Cleaning Materials– Make a checklist of all the equipment you need for cleaning the windows so that you can give them a professional look. These items may include:

• Buckets
• Large dry brushes
• Sponges
• Window cleaning solution
• Brown paper
• Microfiber cloth
• Squeegees
• Drying pads

2. Remove the Dust–First, start removing the built-up dust. It will be easier for you if you remove the curtains. Use a large dry brush for convenient cleaning. Brush around corners, frames, window sills and surrounding areas.

3. Prepare the Window Cleaning Solutions –These can be bought from the stores but you can also prepare them yourself. Window cleaning solution can be prepared by adding two tablespoons of vinegar to warm water.

4. Wash the Windows –Soak the sponge in the cleaning solution and start washing the windows thoroughly. Wash gently so that the built-up dust, grime and stains can be removed. On top of this, you can use soapy water for better cleaning. If your windows are too dirty and greasy, you should go for a different cleaning solution such as one with two tablespoons of household ammonia mixed in warm water. You can finish this off with a vinegar solution. If you find it inconvenient to mix your own solution, then buy a good window cleaner from nearby store.

These tips can really help you clean the commercial windows and make them appear impressive. However, cleaning an office space and multiple windows is a vast and tiring job. Such a cleaning task also requires professional equipment since you may not be able to reach every corner of the windows with your tools and supplies. Hire a professional cleaning services provider to get those shining windows back.

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