5 Facts You Need to Know About Commercial Cleaning Services

We all know that a clean and positive working environment is needed by all, as it reflects an organized and professional image of your facility, office, retail store, or building. If you are unsure about what cleaning service you need, consider these 5 facts when choosing your commercial cleaning services.

Commercial Cleaning Services

  1. Not every company offers the same services. Not all types of cleaning tasks are the same. Similarly, not all commercial cleaning companies are the same. Therefore, be sure to check that you are using a company that is experienced and qualified for the type of cleaning service you are looking for. Not every company offers the same services, especially when it comes to services like construction clean-up and seasonal disinfecting.
  2. Specialization matters in the world of commercial cleaning. As mentioned earlier, not all cleaning companies specialize in certain industries or services. For example, the healthcare industry service providers require highly trained personnel and specially formulated chemicals in order to clean the space. The commercial cleaning companies that work for healthcare segment need to focus on both reducing the spread of viruses and preventing cross contamination.
  3. You need a generalist as well for improved morale. General commercial cleaning services include scheduled cleaning of restrooms, trash removal, floor care (vacuum, mop and sweep), windows and surface dusting. Every facility requires these services to maintain general day to day cleanliness of their workspace, as well as the exteriors of the buildings on a regular interval.
  4. Not every commercial cleaning service is for the medical field. Not all commercial cleaning companies are trained for healthcare facility cleaning. For instance, a health care service professional doing the daily disinfecting of equipment will also be responsible for surface disinfection to avoid the spread of communicable diseases. So the companies that offer healthcare cleaning services as their specialization cannot compromise on the high standards set by hospitals and clinics.
  5. Check if the cleaning company is environment friendly. With the growing awareness of social responsibility, your enterprise must constantly look for commercial cleaning services to be greener and less harmful. This in some cases can begin by inquiring about their cleaning products and techniques to guarantee they are as green as possible. Through employing an eco-friendly commercial cleaning company, you can actually promise your staff a clean and green environment.

Hence, with the above facts in hand, make sure you know your commercial cleaning service company well. Also, communicate all your needs to them to get the most out of the commercial cleaning company that you hire.

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Janex Cleaning Services is a full-service janitorial company. We have been providing professional and reliable office cleaning services in and around Orange County since 2001. We provide commercial cleaning services to office buildings, multi-tenant facilities, medical offices, warehouses, auto dealerships, day care centers, and fitness centers. We are committed to providing exceptional service, quality workmanship, and exceeding expectations to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

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